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“A short note to let you know that the hurricane windows we purchased from you, and completed installing with less than a week to spare before Hurricane Irma came calling, performed flawlessly on Saint Barth's. Our homes were some of the very few that did not sustain severe structural damage or window loss, and we credit a lot of that to your product. There is no better recommendation than the one you will get from us. Hurricane Irma tested the heck out of these windows and they did the job. So thankful.”


“Our new EcoTru® windows really set our home apart from our neighbors! We love the look and the quality! Jesse M.”


“Thanks again for your help with the 5 monster-sized replacement double hung Windows for my house in the southern Bahamas! Just finished the installation. Nice Windows and the crating was well done. We are well pleased and will order from you again Thanks and a sincere Well Done! L. Faulkner”

- L. Faulkner


“Super happy with our new windows! Windowestore emailed us installation instructions when we ordered our windows. The installation was much easier than we anticipated. We saved a small fortune ordering our windows online and installing them ourselves plus we got a lot higher quality window product than what we we saw at the big box stores.”

- Mikaila


“Already on my 4th order from Windowestore! My wife and I love our windows plus the service from the people at Windowestore is just great!”

- Stephen H.


“The high pressure sales tactics of a lot of the local window companies in my area really turned my husband and me off. We almost gave up on new windows until we found Window E-store. We couldn't believe how easy it was to measure and order our new windows!  We requested the names of some installers in our area.  The installation company that Window E-store referred us to was just great. We saved a bunch of cash which enabled us to buy more windows than we had planned on!”

- Jodi M.


“Finally! A reputable place online where I can buy high quality windows without the hassle of the big box stores.”

- Steven B


“The difference in the air quality of our home after we installed our new EcoTru® windows is amazing! Check out our AC filter before we installed 21 new EcoTru® windows and the AC filter after installation! We change our AC filters every 3 months and now the filters look brand new even after 3 months! Can't believe we've been breathing that garbage forever. Thankfully we can now say goodbye to all that dust, pollen, and pollution!”

- DFW Metroplex


“We live in a small community. The only option we had for new windows was the local lumber yard. We weren't too thrilled with the quality of window they offered. We checked out the quality of Window E-store windows and found out they are made by the top high performance window manufacturer in America. They even gave us a list of AAMA certified installers in our area! Super happy with our new windows.”

- Richard R.


“My wife and I had several estimates from turnkey window companies and none of them came close to the quality of the Eco® line of windows. As per my request, Window E-store even gave me the names of AAMA certified window installers in my area so installation was a breeze too!”

- Jordan M.


“Not knowing a thing about windows or installing windows I was worried about buying them online.  I did my research and found out that most window companies sell really low end windows so they can maximize profits.  They also subcontract their installation labor out so you never know who is going to be installing your windows.  I checked out Window E-store and found that the quality of their windows is better than almost everyone else and that their windows are made in America.  The window warranties they offer are the best that I've seen.  I took the plunge and ordered 10 windows from them after watching the "How To Measure" video.  The windows arrived about 14 days later.  When you order windows the Window E-store, upon request, sends you names of several different professional installers in your area.  I hired one of them after talking to him on the phone.  He was fantastic.  I'm really glad I ordered my windows from these guys.  I saved over $3,000.00 after paying for the windows and installation over what several local window companies wanted to charge me.”

- Brenda L.


“My wife had 3 different window companies come out to give us estimates.  What was funny was that they all gave us the exact same sales pitch!  If we let them use our home for advertising they'd cut us a huge break on the price!  We started researching online and found that a lot of window, siding, burglar alarm, sprinkler system, etc. companies use that gimmick to try and get you to buy that day.  Eventually we found Window E-store on the web.  They have a video that shows you exactly how to measure your windows.  Really, really easy to do.  We ordered our new windows and within a couple weeks the Window E-store distributor called us and said they were in.  We only ordered 4 windows so we picked them up in our pickup.  The guys at the warehouse helped us load them and tie them down.  They came wrapped in protective plastic which was really nice.  The overall experience was way easier than I thought it was going to be.  My wife and I were blown away by the quality.  We're definitely going to order the rest of our windows from them.”

- Parker W.


“After several failed attempts at trying to buy windows from the big box stores (I think the last guy that helped me from the window department was new) I was searching online and found Window E-store.  They had the exact same color I was looking for and they are window experts.  I had a few questions before I ordered which their customer service department promptly answered.  It was nice talking to a window expert instead of a kid from the plumbing department!  Ordered my windows and two weeks later they were sitting in my driveway.  The quality is top notch.  I ordered the EcoXtreme® remodel version.  I could not be happier with the whole experience.”

- Katherine W.


“My partner and I always thought we could install our own windows but we were worried about ordering the wrong sizes. Window E-store made it so easy with their "How to measure" video and instructions. We followed the easy directions and our windows came out perfectly! We are so glad we found Window E-store!”

- Daniel O.


“The employees at Window E-store have deep knowledge and experience with high performance windows. They've been in the window business a long time and really know what they're doing. As a builder and frequent customer of theirs I can heartily recommend them.”

- Steve G.


“Finally! A reputable place online where we can buy high quality windows without the hassle of the big box stores.”

- Meredith B.


“Window e-Store was very easy to work with, their website made it extremely easy to pick out the EXACT width and height of the window I needed along with what type of window. The windows were also extremely easy to install, I would definitely recommend the Window e-Store to anyone looking to get new vinyl windows, as these ones are top notch!”