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Eco Storm®: Coastal Windows

Hurricane Windows with Built-In Strength for Maximum Protection

There are a lot of hurricane approved windows on the market, but none that maximize protection and energy efficiency like Eco Storm® Coastal Windows. Our Eco Storm® hurricane windows are nearly impervious to the elements, and represent a combination of durability, safety, and efficiency unlike anything else on the market. In fact, with the addition of LoE3 366 glass and argon gas feature, Eco Storm® windows are the most energy efficient hurricane window available in the U.S.

In addition to efficiency, the Eco Storm® windows provide unprecedented safety. Our coastal windows are Miami-Dade and Broward County Florida Approved, and tested in a certified AAMA lab site. All of our hurricane windows are scrutinized and tested according to commercial architectural standards, and are rated to endure conditions far more intense than most forces of nature. All Eco Storm® windows are backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and sash with exclusive 20-year coverage for accidental glass breakage.
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Storm Windows Engineered for Strength and Dependability

Our hurricane windows are engineered with strength in mind and feature fusion welded, reinforced profiles, and durable extruded PVC vinyl. This means superior resistance to winds and airborne debris in a window that’s proven to stand up to the harshest conditions.

Our Eco Storm® windows are triple pane, and reinforced by a laminate system similar to car windshields. While most auto manufacturers use a 0.015” shatter-proof film our hurricane windows feature an impressive 0.090”-0.105″ thick shatter-proof interlayer. Combine this with double-strength, tempered glass, and you can see why Eco Storm® windows offer superior strength and resistance.

Benefits of Eco Storm® Hurricane Windows

  • Ultimate Protection from storms and hurricanes 24/7. Our impact resistant glass will keep your home safe from flying debris.
  • Advanced Sound Control – effectively eliminate up to 50% more noise than single pane glass with an STC rating of 35.
  • Safest Hurricane Window in the U.S. – shatterproof interlayer provides an effective deterrent to theft and reduces the potential of injury from accidental glass breakage.
  • Dade County Florida Approved Impact Windows – Dade County has the most stringent qualifications in the U.S. for hurricane impact windows. Miami experiences numerous tropical storms every year, with many developing into large hurricanes, which requires thorough testing. This means Eco Storm® windows are approved for installation along the entire Gulf and Atlantic coasts.
  • Unrivaled Solar Protection – LoE3 366 glass blocks 99% of harmful Ultra-violet (UV) radiation, and provides maximum protection against solar heat gain.
  • Most Efficient Storm Window in America – with LoE3 366 solar package these windows block 98-100% of all heat/cold coming in from outside.

Hurricane Window Options

Glass Options – Eco Storm® windows come standard with double-strength tempered glass and PVB Interlayer for remarkable strength (1” IGU). Glass panes come in a variety of styles and opacity including Turtle Glass/Greylite and Energy Star Climate Zone packages.

Why Turtle Glass is Important

Eco Storm® windows with Turtle Glass option not only help protect you and your family from the elements, but they can also help protect sea turtle nesting grounds. When sea turtles hatch, they follow the moon to find their way out to sea. Normal windows reflect the moon’s light which confuses new hatchlings, and can even guide them towards your home. If you live along the Gulf or Atlantic coast, it’s important to make sure your hurricane windows feature environmentally-friendly Turtle Glass.

Frame Options

All Eco Storm® Frames are offered in Box, Box w/Fin, Box with Fin & J, Masonry Flange styles.

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our warranty certifies our commitment to total customer satisfaction. All vinyl window components are backed by a transferable, limited lifetime warranty including:

  • Double Lifetime Vinyl, Hardware, IGU, Screen
  • 20-year Accidental Glass Breakage Coverage
  • 10-year Factory Applied Exterior Coating (Optional)

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If you’re looking for the strongest, most energy efficient storm window on the market, call us at 855-290-6366 or view our online catalog to buy your ECO storm® windows today!
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